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Integrated Mining, Power and Environmentally Friendly Iron Making Plant with adjoining Port in Indonesia

Our integrated project is primarily a tailored metal manufacturing & power generation sector, altogether with worldwide EPC Partners, we have analyzed & developed an Iron Making Processing Scheme on a non-coking coal combustion basis that's integrated to IGCC Power Generation process with a fundamental basis of environmentally friendly technology. On the grounds of integration between iron making and power generation scheme, we have structure the key formula that possibly as a First Mover in South East Asia Region.


Referring to mining operation and transportation, we have a controlled upstream to downstream operation, from mining works to transport the material to the processing plant. Subsequently, we also designed an adjoining port within the site plant unified to our material handling area.


To drive Indonesia mineral processing as well as strengthen infrastructure development nationwide

To be the Lowest Cost & Premium Quality Merchant Hot Metal & Power Producer with ECO State-of-the-art Technology







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