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Rising energy demand, continuous price increases for natural gas and raw materials, inevitable government policy and steadily decreasing quality of iron ore due to the global resource depletion are formidable challenges today. Even more, an increasingly stringent environmental regulations and the need to save resources and reduce energy consumption, leading to an environmental protection has become more important than ever. Radical changes are inevitable and are forcing us to explore for a promising solutions to develop iron making business successfully and responsibly.


We work closely with Primetals Technologies, Austria that has centuries experience for Iron & Steel Production, to structurize advanced ECO technologies that minimize the environmental impact of steel production, improve energy efficiency and optimize byproduct management. Through an advanced raw material analysis, technical selection processes and holistic solutions along the entire iron production chain that ensure strict adherence to the emission regulations as well as to achieve substantial cost savings with clear objective: to be the Lowest Cost & Premium Quality Merchant Hot Metal & Power Producer with ECO State-of-the-art Technology.


We finally come into a solution that COREX® process is the most applicable technology, in regards to the availability of our raw material resources. With over a decade Research & Development on environmentally friendly production of hot metal directly from non-metallurgical coal and iron ore (coal reduction process), founded by Korf Engineering GmbH & VOEST-ALPINE AG in 70s, COREX® process convincingly came into a commercial in the late 90s and currently operated by several worldwide steel companies.

Typical Hot Metal Analysis

Production Figures

1.5 MTPA

Pig Iron

3.2 MTPA

Iron pellet 

Fully automated process control and plant operation in aspects:

•   Fully integrated system comprising all elements

•   Stable & standardized (shift independent) operation

•   Process insight through visualization and reporting


Full Automation benefits

•   Improved quality and capacity

•   Safe operation

•   Reduced energy consumption

•   Increased plant availability

•   Transparent and regular management reporting

USE OF PURE OXYGEN While blast furnace operators aim to enrich the hot blast with oxygen, our plant project uses high-purity oxygen, resulting in nearly nitrogen-free top gas. Due to its high calorific value, this gas can be reused for reduction work, heat or energy generation.

Subsequently, an integrated State-of-the-art Air Separation Unit (ASU) has been technically engineered to provide Oxygen (GOX) & Nitrogen (GAN) that technically synchronized for our specific requirement. As an integral part, GAN & GOX is captively produced for our Iron Making facility.

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