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Following the pledges that countries have signaled at The Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project (DDPP) Paris 2015 to cut emissions to be inevitably fall short of what is needed to solve the problem of climate change. Our integrated project development, from iron making to power generation, is indeed taking seriously on limiting global warming that require a reduction of industrial emissions of greenhouse gases.


Therefore, we are developing an integrated industrial project of Iron Making & Power Generation Plant with the basis of a profound transformation of how energy is supplied and used in Indonesia, in which, we have worked on a close cooperation altogether with  Siemens AG, Erlangen, Germany for:

  • Generating electricity from coal syngas for iron making captive electric power as well as electricity sales to PLN (State Electric Company) through a long term PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

  • Provide an environmentally friendly solution power plant with IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combine Cycle) technology as the First Mover in Indonesia

  • Integration of Iron Making & Power Generation scheme that able to generate a self sustaining energy of 283 MW Electricity; partially for a captive usage and further 150 MW as an Independent Power Producer to the country

We see that preservation of resources and minimization of pollution are goals that today decisively dictate the development of fossil-fired power plants. Our integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plants offer extremely low levels of environmental pollution.


Our IGCC plant can achieve major CO2 reduction by effectively capturing the feedstock's carbon inventory from the syngas, before it is combusted in the gas turbine. Captured CO2 can then be buried underground. By incorporating carbon capture and storage (CCS), a vital technology often known as pre-combustion carbon capture, the IGCC plant successfully meets the energy demand in a low-carbon future. With syngas/hydrogen-capable gas turbines this power plant offers high efficiency levels.

Significant overall integration know-how on the processes that prepare the gasified fuel for combustion enables the design of optimized IGCC plants, the maximization not only of efficiency and low emissions parameters, but also the life-cycle electricity costs and reliability.

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